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The House of the manufacturer Dumnov

The House of the manufacturer Dumnov

The Museum was created by the famous Moscow doll artist , granddaughter of the manufacturer S. I. Dumnov Maslennikova Galina, who bought her ancestral house from the government over 15 years ago and restored it with historical accuracy. According to the conclusion of the leading experts of the State Institute of art history, this house, decorated with rich Argunovskaya carving, is of considerable artistic and historical value and is a part of a complex of buildings, still preserved in the region that are directly related to a silk production and which combines the residential and industrial function.

Manufacturers Dumnov's house is the main component of a large country estate spread on the high bank of the river Sherna with numerous flower gardens, fruit and berry orchards and two large meadows, overlooking the river. On the territory of the estate there is a traditional for rural weavers log factory Svetelka – copy of the old, with the existing manual equipment for the production of silk velvet. Here you will see a collection of vintage silk and velvet fabrics of the 19-th century and rare women's clothes made of these fabrics.

There is also a unique exhibition of dolls in Svetelka, united by a common story about the life of the Russian village and objects of peasant life of rural weavers of the 19-th century.

The entire exhibition of the estate and restored interiors of the house, full of old household items, recreate an authentic atmosphere of life in a big Russian family of the 19-th century and give you the opportunity to feel like a participant in a long ago gone life: to visit the house of the hospitable merchants Dumnovs, to try delicious soup and cakes, buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, cooked in a Russian stove, drink tea from samovar with fragrant herbs, gathered from the surrounding water meadows of the river Sherna, work on a weaving loom to make a peasant doll-twist, to listen to the songs of the peasant women-weavers, and in the evening relax in the Russian sauna.

Гостям Музея-усадьбы предлагается:

1. Tour «The silk belt of the Vladimir region»

2. The rest on weekends

3. The rest on weekdays

4. Meeting Catholic Christmas

5. Christmas Tree for children in the New Year Kingdom.

6. Christmas program for adults. In Zarechenskaya village.

7. The New year celebration in a merchant house

8.The holding of the Christmas holidays with accommodation. Meeting Christmas in a merchants house.

9. The Holding Of Maslenitsa

10. Holding matinees for high school students graduate of the 4-th class with parents and teacher.

11. Family parties, anniversaries and birthdays

12. Weddings and wedding anniversaries

13. Corporate events

14. The holiday of Ivan Kupala

15. The puppet exhibition and the exhibition of silk weaving


Zarechie village, centralnaya street, house 19, Vladimir region, Kirzhachskiy district, 60 km from Moscow ring road, go along the Gorkovskoe highway, through the city of Noginsk or Schelkovskoe highway, through the town of Chernogolovka.



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